TeraCopy is a small and powerful freeware that lets you move or copy files at a blazing fast speed.  It is considered the best alternative to the native copy operations of the windows and is equipped with much more functions in comparison to any native tool of windows. It supports all Windows operating systems including the latest Windows 10.

As a freeware, TeraCopy can only be used for commercial purpose. But it’s advanced version i.e.’ TeraCopy Pro’, which is a shareware has the additional features such as having a list of additional folders to be used as copy destinations and the ability to modify copy queue.


Features of TeraCopy for Windows 10-


TeraCopy is equipped with several unique features that make it better and different from native copy operations of Windows. Like:

  • Copies files faster- TeraCopy uses dynamically adjusted copy buffers which reduces the copying time and it is capable of moving large number of files together very quickly and smoothly.
  • Recovers Error- If any error comes up in the process of copying the file,, TeraCopy tries several time to copy it and if it doesn’t work after multiple tries it simply skips damaged file without stopping the copying process.
  • Pause and resume file transfer- One can pause the file transfer process anytime and can later resume the transfer with just one click.
  • Shows the failed file lists- TeraCopy shows the file transfers that failed being copied during the process. And lets you copy only the files that has shown error, immediately after you fix the problem.

 Windows 10 compatibility with TeraCopy-


TeraCopy has a great advantage over the traditional windows Copy handler from the time of launch of Windows Vista. TeraCopy Copies use a high memory, so it does not slows down your computer. It also shows the copying speed of the software unlike what the traditional copier of windows does. But it is recommended that while using TeraCopy don’t use the Beta version of TeraCopy, always go for its official version. It has a simple yet highly functional user interface that makes it incredibly easy to use. TeraCopy supports full shell integration and therefore is very much capable of replacing window’s default copy functions.

How to download TeraCopy in Windows 10-


The entire procedure of downloading TeraCopy in Windows 10 is very easy and user friendly. The steps are as follows.

  • For trusted download, click here to download TeraCopy for Windows 10 officially at a fast speed.
  • There you will find a Download option within a blue box. Click on it.
  • After clicking on the download option you will be redirected to a new page. In the new page you will see an option for two different mirror servers to download TeraCopy.
  • Select either of the two servers. The download will start automatically after choosing the server. Click on the downloaded file and select Open.
  • After the setup is complete it will ask for the permission to Run or Cancel.
  • Accept the process and let it install in the OS.
  • After installation you can simply use it as required.