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Advanced SystemCare Free For Windows 10

Download Advanced systemcare for free on your Windows 10 PC. There is no further headache than a system that is slowed down which hinders your work schedule or spoils the fun of game time. Advanced SystemCare targets smooth functioning of your computer by clearing all the junk files, malware, or any invalid archive entries thus by boosting your system to enhance your PC experience.

systemcare free for windows 10
This PC optimization app ensures a faster PC by boosting redients startup, items and services and intensely optimize RAM and HD settings and clears unessential and threat prone browser add-ons and toolbars. Installation of Advanced SystemCare defends your browser from DNS attack, harmful homepage alterations, tracking of browse history. The superior database and basic features which include Registry Fix, Junk Files Clearer, Privacy Sweep and Surfing defense ensures your system is clean and optimized and perfectly maintains Microsoft Edge and Modern Apps of Windows 10.

Let’s check out the new features this app ensures us:

300% Faster PC with PC Optimizer
With passage of time, the accumulation of unrequired files, programs or even registry errors will slow down your system gradually. But with the lately added Speed Up module of Advanced SystemCare, your system will stay faster and cleaner. It removes junk files freeing disk space thus well optimizing your system by clearing useless applications and troubleshooting all obstructions that lags your system.

PC Startup quicker by 200%
Now you can quit worrying time consuming PC boot up since the advanced database and improved performance of Startup Manager efficiently speeds up your system boot up. The advanced database and improved performance, Startup Manager in Advanced SystemCare 9 can intelligently speed up your boot time by deactivating unrequired programs and clearing threat prone startup files in a single click.

Quick and Free Browsing
Advanced SystemCare optimizes browsers settings of most of the mainstream browsers including the Windows 10 Edge by clearing cookies, junk files and solving other issues affecting internet speed.

A better support for Windows 10
To prevent yourself from being hacked of your email, bank or any social accounts or any personal datas Advanced SystemCare will safeguard your privacy by detecting and eliminating spyware, adware or other malware. And System Reinforce of Advanced SystemCare prevents privacy gathering actions by Win 10 itself which includes your location, voice message, contacts, etc., to ensure expert privacy protection for every Windows 10 Users.

Advanced SystemCare is a complete solution to your PC which is a single click away to clean, speed up, optimize and defend your computer from threats and also ensuring online privacy. The Advanced SystemCare 9 also has added to its package new tools like DNS Protect, Large Files Finder and has developed other 10+ tools besides Startup Manager.