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AIMP for Windows 10

AIMP is the finest audio player. It is wonderfully designed and supports many audio formats. AIMP for Windows 10 has 18 bands equalizer. AIMP is excellent media player, which ensure high quality playback of songs and radio stations. It is well developed multimedia player that includes recorder, audio converter and tag editor.

AIMP for Windows 10

AIMP is compatible with Windows 10. AIMP is very easy to download and install. Installation process is get complete in few steps. AIMP takes very less space in your hard disk. Overall download and installation process is very simple and straightforward. AIMP for Windows 10

Features of AIMP

  • AIMP is a high quality music player. AIMP supports many music files format.
  • AIMP has Music Library feature. You can create and manage Music Library of your favorite MP3 files.
  • AIMP has visualization effects.
  • You can record any sound coming from your system speaker.
  • AIMP has 18 bands equalizer and built in sound effects.
  • You can create multiple playlist, and can define separate settings for each playlist.
  • You can also search files on all playlists.
  • You can also set auto shutdown for computer. You can enjoy your favorite music song at sleeping time. You just need to set timer to shutdown the computer after finishing song.
  • You can also set morning alarm clock in your system. Select your favorite music for morning alarm.
  • Listen radio stations online.
  • Editor of Tags option will allow you to edit tags of audio file, sort out audio files and rename group of file.
  • AIMP interface is stunning and intuitive. All menus, buttons and functions are well designed.

There are many multimedia players available in the market. AIMP’s unique features and easy functionality making AIMP application more popular. If you like to listen music, when you work, then AIMP is the best choice for you. Just download it and enjoy your all favorite music tracks.