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Baidu Browser For Windows 10

Baidu Browser For Windows 10

Download Baidu Browser for Windows 10. Searching for a free web browser that comes with an intuitive interface and a brilliant range of inbuilt tools. It’s a blazing-fast browser which does a number of things at once, whether you want to save fun audios or videos onto your Windows 10 desktop or do a lot of other things in a few seconds – this browser is a solution.

You will like its flexible navigation, pop-up player for videos and more. The best part about this browser app is – it’s FREE.

Baidu Browser For Windows 10

Download Baidu browser and enjoy the internet at your fingertips. If you are wondering what is so excited about this web browser, then here is a glimpse of its exciting features. Continue reading…

Pop-up Video player

Baidu browser video pop up downloader for Windows 10

Now no more switching between tabs to figure out what you were watching before, with Baidu browser, watch your favorite videos in its own window. Click on “Pop-up” button and thus, enjoy web video that opens automatically in its own window.

Drag & drop Option

So are you working on something in the current tab, while wish to open a gallery, or view a picture in another tab (be it background tab or next tab)? With Baidu browser it’s seamless – just drag the image and drop it on the other tab (New Tab).

Media Downloader

With this feature, you can easily download your favorite video or audio into your computer. You can transfer these files to multiple devices like tablet, phone, and enjoy watching videos at anytime you want.

Fixes browsing problems

How many times you have encountered browsing problems? Maybe, countless times, right? Be it a small one or a big one; but this web browser app fixes solution automatically with feature called – BROWSER DOCTOR. In addition to aforementioned features, the app also supports the below features – open recently closed tabs, full-page screenshots, account syncing, mouse gestures and much more.