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Best Android Emulator for Windows 10 (2016)

Bluestacks is the best emulator to run Android apps on Windows 10. Their are many android emulator but Bluestacks app player is a wonderful tool to set up an android platform in Windows 10. This app is a boon for many non – smartphone users to enjoy all the android apps in their Windows 10 operating system or MAC. This app is called as emulator. With the emulator installed on your windows system, you can install almost all Android apps available in the App store.

Best Android Emulator for Windows 10

The main feature of Bluestacks for Windows 10 application is that it has a cute and a very easy user interface. The most wondering thing about Bluestacks app for Windows 10 is that whatever may be resolution of your screen, the app fits it very acutely. It also gives a decent display when done in full screen. You can start enjoying any of the android app like angry birds, Whatsapp, etc in your windows systems or MAC machines using Bluestacks emulator for Windows 10.

Bluestacks allows you to do the computer controllers well so that keyboard and mouse can be used to compensate the usage of forefinger in your smartphone. So you are not struck up with the navigation part. Top of all these things, blue stack allows to be used in multiple languages. There are a lot of pre-installed games and apps that can be used.

Though Bluestacks for Windows 10 has lot of advantages the saddest part is that it does not work in Windows XP platform. However, this works in all other systems this is a better way through which you can run Android apps on Windows 10 and mac computers.