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Best Browser Apps For Windows 10 2016

Best Browser Apps For Windows 10 2016

Must say, the new windows store is the outstanding part of windows 10. Microsoft has been emphasizing on its Windows store and its universal Apps platform ever since the launch of Windows 10 as its core components of the OS. Hence to take advantage of the full potential of the Windows 10, we need to use the apps provided with it which give life to system. We use apps to talk, email, text, play games, listen to music and stay organized. Here is a list of the best browser apps for Windows 10 2016.

Best Browser Apps For Windows 10 2016

When it comes to user base Microsoft windows app store lags much behind Apple’s App store and Android’s Google play. Microsoft is hoping to mend the distance by improvising their app store in their latest version launch.

Lets have a look of some interesting browser apps available in the windows store and their effect on windows 10.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express
This is such a delight for the Photoshop users. Though its not a full-on photoshop CC, but adobe’s lightweight photo-editing and enhancing app. It offers 20 Instagram style filters knows as “Looks”, auto brightness and color corrections. If the provided free filters aren’t enough you can also purchase additional filters for a very low price. Once you are done working with the image you can directly share it on to Facebook.

2. Wunderlist
Once you start using Wunderlist, it’s difficult to pass a day without it. It is a neatly designed to-do App. The full featured app has reminder, due-dates and themes. Wonderful aspect of this app is it syncs with iOS and android devices too.

3. Draftboard PDF
This is a productivity app which allows you to mark up the existing content on the PDF files. You can put aside the pen and paper. It is a handy tool for annotating and reviewing PDF files. It offers a 3-day free trial and cost 10$ on the windows store. For those whose work is to review various documents this app is totally worth it.

4. Flipboard
This app is for everyday dose of the News. It’s a free app. It churns out endless stream of news and data based on your personal interest. The design of this app is visually attractive which gives it a book feel as if you are navigating through the pages.

5. Foursquare
This is a free app which doesn’t even require you to create an account. It is adaptive in nature; if you visit it frequently it learns your taste. Mark your favorite places, like or dislike them. The design is tile type which lets you view comfortably and has Bing map integration to all the places. Yelp is the next close app for foursquare.

6. Netflix
As we know it’s a universal favorite app for video streaming. Windows released an App for Netflix on PC, tab and phone. Grab the nearest device and you can play your favorite game of thrones. The app remembers your last seen video and can accommodate multiple profiles.

7. WolfRamAlpha
This app serves as a science library for students. It has all the information you ever wanted to know into one app. It has information about math, astronomy, chemistry, physics, engineering, computational sciences, geography, finance, health, socioeconomic data, business, technology, and the Web. It’s available for $1.5 on the store.

8. Tomatime
It is an universal app designed to help boost productivity by fragmenting your workday into time slots based on our activities. It works on Francesco Cirillo’s Pomodoro Technique. The idea behind this is that frequent breaks you take the more focus you become during your work time.

Once you have got all these productivity apps installed. Do not forget to thanks us!