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Best Calendar Apps For Windows 10

Best Calendar Apps For Windows 10

Windows 10 Calendar Apps: Calendar app, without a doubt is a handy add-on to your laptop or desktop, allowing you to take advantage of a variety of applications in your professional and daily mundane work. As well as, calendar apps that come with extra features such as highly customizable options such as easy to read, understand and view options are incredible features. Some of you might be wondering as to what’s the best one to install on your PC or does a calendar app synchronizes with a Window machine or not… Got any doubts like these? The below calendar apps for Windows 10 will answer all your questions and these apps are for sure will leave no stone unturned when it comes to give you excellent feature-packed tools. Have a look at these best calendar apps for Windows 10.

Best Calendar Apps For Windows 10

Sunrise Calendar app
This is a free calendar app that lets you connect with a variety of your favorite applications like Facebook, Foursquare, Todoist, Trello, Evernote and more. This app syncs between your laptop, PC, phone and tablet. You can manage the to-do work that you want to do, places you want to be, or in simple words you can keep a track of everything. Check out its quick event entry, timezone, location tagging, reminders, and more. Its beautifully designed calendar, intuitive user interface and easy to schedule options allow you to schedule meetings over instant messaging platforms and tools. Highlights include:

  • Lets you share files easily
  • New agenda view
  • Connected apps and 3-day view
  • Rolled out its all-new Sunrise-infused Outlook update

Jorte Calendar & Diary
This calendar and organizer application is one of the most famous Windows calendar alternatives. This app comes as a real personal organizer. Its Windows version is simple and easy to use. The new Jorte Cloud My Calendar can be synchronized with Windows, but make sure you update your OS – Windows 10 to the latest version of Windows. Here are some of the features of this app.

  • Event calendar
  • Color settings for each event or calendar
  • Option to turn each calendar ON/OFF
  • Can be synced with other calendar services

This seamless app offers several stylish calendar widgets, calendar views plus integrated worldwide weather forecast. And this app is efficient enough to synchronize with multiple devices, platforms and tools such as Google Calendar, Windows Live, Hotmail, Outlook.com, Exchange and more. You will enjoy its diary planner, organizer and quick scheduling option on Windows 10. Here are some of the new features being added to this smart application.

  • Small fixes and improvements
  • Track multi-day event
  • New month, search-view and agenda
  • Improved time display

Google Calendar
This list of best calendar apps for Windows 10 would be incomplete without talking about extremely easy to use and robust app – Google Calendar app. Everything can be done in a snap – be it adding quick calendar events, sending emails and text messages. Using this app is very simple as it syncs with just about any other app. It’s newly added feature – GCal will easily let you share your calendars with others. Download this app today and you can easily access all its features anywhere from your computer. Check out its features here.

  • To-dos on your calendar
  • Delete option in overflow menu
  • A new schedule view