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Best Cloud Storage Apps for Windows 10

Best Cloud Storage Apps for Windows 10

Windows 10 Cloud Storage: Save your Files in Cloud with these best Cloud Storage apps for Windows 10. It’s a strange phenomenon to imagine that the idea of cloud storage stemmed out of the fact that Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox was frustrated as he misplaced his USB drive. Today all the biggies started offering cheap or free cloud storage. Behind are those days when you used to Email documents to yourself so that you can access them from a different device. All thanks to online cloud storage and file syncing.

Best Cloud Storage Apps for Windows 10

The best App makes the backup and all the manipulation seamless to you. Using a cloud service is not a tech thing but deciding which App to use is something you should focus on. Some work best for particular OS and business plans than others. Here are the best storage App solutions we have verified.

Google Drive Cloud Storage Service

It tops the list because Google has spent lot of time in enhancing their cloud services. It combined complete set of office tools with cloud storage in drive. Along with the drive you get a word processor, a presentation builder and 15 GB free space. Since it blends the storage with daily task tools that makes it a handy App.

On top of it, it’s very easy to use. If you have an Gmail account you are good to go. Just open drive.google.com to avail the service.

Dropbox Cloud Storage Service

There’s an official windows App for Dropbox. The basic free account offers you 2GB storage. You can automatically backup your smart phone or tablet data to the cloud. It first creates a local folder on your PC and then syncs to the device. It includes two-step authentication and encrypted by 256-bit encryption. The biggest advantage is that its compatible with many platforms.

One Drive Cloud Storage Service

Microsoft’s one drive is the most tempting cloud service for windows users as its basic free version offers 15 GB free storage and an additional 15 GB if you link the camera roll to the service. Sign up for office 365 and you get unlimited storage space. Good to be true? Files and folders can be created using web. Various social accounts are available to be linked with one drive.

Amazon Cloud Drive Cloud Storage Service

Amazon does a pretty decent job with amazon s3 for developers and business but when it comes to cloud storage it didn’t click with the audience for the absence of file sync.

Box Cloud Storage Service

This is an outstanding application for groupware or work-flow. It enables you to share files with co-workers, assign tasks or leave comments on their work. Can handle up to 2GB file size and gives you 100 GB’s of free space. It can manage a team of 3-10.

Mega Cloud Storage Service

In the clutches of Mega cloud storage service your data is impenetrable. The data security is their prime focus. If you value safety the most, you need not think of any other service. You can share documents online and allow colleagues to edit the files too. You just get 50 GB free space by joining the service.

There are many other cloud options like SugarSync and SpaceMonkey but for Windows 10 our verdict would be the above listed.