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Best Download Managers for Windows 10 2016

List of Best Windows 10 Download managers: Download and Manage Files on Windows 10. With the modern rich web browsers that we have it is a surprising fact that no web browser be it Google Chrome or Mozilla are not able to satisfy us when it comes to managing downloads. Often, we would want to download a song and we hated the fact that there is no such option inbuilt in the browser. It is this drawback that makes us search for a download manager which will be an answer to all our download requirements. The other reasons include enhanced download speed, scope to manage multiple downloads and to have a separate folder for all the downloads at one place, all without compromising on browser’s experience. The primary goal has been to help you with multiple downloads, but now they come with additional functionality to superpower the process from splitting files into multiple fragments to help save them quickly onto the disk. They also convert them into different file formats to support them across multiple devices.

Download manager apps for windows 10

We have listed few Download managers and their features to help you finalize on the download manager you should be using for your OS.

Download Accelerator Plus

This tools speeds up the download by searching server for the files on the internet, or the files that you have downloaded. It locates the file on multiple servers and requests at the same time. Then by calculating the quickest route from the server to the local hard disk, it takes up the request for the quickest path. This is majorly helpful when you look for the common files used by many such as any kind of anti-virus programs or OS executable files.
In addition to speeding up your downloads, it has a built-in FTP program that allows you to access the files on the web server and has a private disk function which keeps you safe from phishing.

Free Download Manager

Often referred as FDM, is one of the most popular Download managers. It is advanced and effective, easy-to-use and absolutely free. It is 100% safe and an open source software distributed under GPL license making it one of the most used service. It is primarily used to organize and schedule downloads. It offers functionalities like downloading a video or the whole site itself with HTML. We can also adjust the traffic usage.

Internet Download Manager

An impressive download manager software which is very stable and lushes out faster download rates. Easily integrates with the major web browsers out there, it gives us command line support and a drag-drop feature to use. It is inclusive of all the basic download management features like queue support, folder structure etc.


A free- open source software brings with it some impressive features such as multiple file download, support for popular content like YouTube and Vimeo. In one word , this tool is for those who download a lot.

Mass Downloader

It is a windows download manager application that makes it easy to stream audio/video files from internet sites at maximum available speeds using multiple channels technology. Resume download is also supported.
We hope you will try out few from this list and let us know your feedback on the same!