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Best Email Client Apps For Windows 10 2016

The best Email client apps for Windows 10 PC is a matter of personal choice. Almost all of us have more than one Email accounts and regularly check our Emails from a web browser or an Email client. Email service providers now-a-days provide us with lot of advance features in their interface which makes the use of Email desktop client negligible. It takes a great deal of time to test every Email client offered on windows 10 and the intermittent options available. So we have done quiet a research ourselves to present you with the curated features.

Best Email Apps For Windows 10 2016

If you are looking for a best Email App ideal for Windows 10, pick one from this listing below.

Em client
This is popular choice because of its simple and easy to use interface. The complimentary version of this app allows you to use two email clients. The app offers you to several features like import most of the things from almost all the email applications. It supports all the popular emails like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc.

This offers a hassle free experience on Windows 10 OS and is a good alternative to sparrow which is taken over by Google now. Mailbird has been featured as the best email client by many popular tech sites. The features in Mailbird allows us to add and use multiple user accounts on a single window. It also includes several keyboard shortcuts, themes and search options. It also has an option to add HTML signature which serves as a signature for all the Email accounts added.

They also care about your privacy. The data is encrypted although they collect usage statistics to improve user experience.

Windows Live Email
Formerly Outlook express, this is Microsoft’s own desktop client which is sacked with many features. When compared to others it is a fast loading Email client. The user interface is quiet simple to use. It can accommodate multiple Email accounts from almost all the popular Email providers in the market. Some features like calender events and contacts works even when offline. You can also manage business Emails. This is not a part of windows installation but comes with windows essential tools. We have to install it from the advanced options. The App connects very well to any IMAP/POP3 accounts. The level of customization is higher than we would expect in any free software.

It is conceptually a very old application and lacks PGP. Yet it is probably best client for casual use. Apart from Email it also provides Feed reader and chat client. It uses Bayesian filtering to filter and scan to get rid of the spam emails. By downloading numerous add-ons available for Thunderbird user can take advantage of the full potential.

Zimbra is known for its features. This desktop client has an unique UI, it offers tab interface which is easy to navigate. A great feature of this Email client is that you canalso keep a tab on your social accounts like Facebook and Twitter within the application.

It is a personalized Email service from Microsoft. A single account has many productive uses such as syncing calendars and notes on PC’s, tablets and phones. It supports many Email providers straight out of the box.

Our list has come to an end and we hope you have picked one of these clients.