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Best File Transfer Apps For Windows 10

Best File Transfer Apps For Windows 10

Windows 10 File Transfer: Share files from Windows 10 with these best file transfer apps.  Most of the times you go for a marriage, a trip or even a friend’s house, you know that transferring files from your phone to other is something you can’t stop doing. Every time you fall for your friend’s playlist, you know what to do next. Grab that phone and transfer all that tracks to your system or phone now. Wait! No, Bluetooth is not the best solution anymore.

What’s more awesome if transferring that big playlist takes just few minutes? For that, we now have file transferring applications which can be used both in systems and phones. Using these, we can transfer any kind of file to or from the systems. Let’s have a look at some of the best file transfer apps of the recent times.

Best File Transfer Apps For Windows 10


Using Shareit, you can transfer files from one device to another in a quick speed. There is no complications and is easy to use. Unlike some applications, Shareit creates direct connection between two devices to transfer data. The more useful feature of Shareit is that there is no file restrictions. That way we can transfer any type of files without any problems. The crux feature of SHAREit is transferring files between people without having to use cloud storage. You can share photos, videos, local music files, documents, and apps from one device to another. It doesn’t matter what platform you’re using because SHAREit only communicates with other SHAREit-enabled devices. The app supports sending multiple files, and can pickup videos, music files and images, all free. Know how to download Shareit for Windows 10.


The basic keywords of Xender app are – Faster File Transfer and Sharing. Xender transfer files like picture, music, videos in an instant with a few clicks. The best thing about Xender is that we can send any file, be that a 10 min video, you get it transferred in seconds! It supports cross-platform file transfer and sharing between window phone, android and iOS. Once you connect one system with another, you will able to see content on your system including pictures, music, and video. All you need is to select them, and hit send. And yes, it is free!


You need to try installing Feem Lite: Wi-Fi File Transfer , if speed is your priority when transferring files. It works great sharing among Wi-Fi buddies – family, friends, co-workers who are already on the same local network. It doesn’t require an active internet, but the devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi router or hotspot. Do not wait. Transfer pictures, music and what not, phone-to-phone, phone-to-computer, or vice versa between iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Windows 8 and other Windows Phone 8.1 devices.