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Best Free Firewall For Windows 10 2016

Secure your Windows 10 PC with these best firewall apps of 2016: After installing the desired OS, the next hunt should be in finding the best anti-virus with a firewall to keep your PC away from the threats that come in when connected to the internet. Firewall helps us monitor your system’s communication between the network and the internet to aid from the intrusions and attacks. Although, Windows 10 has a built in firewall, it’s quiet OK to leave your PC that way with the offered thin layer of protection, unless you want to add extra dash of security to keep your data absolutely safe.

Free_firewall apps for windows 10

There are plenty of free firewall programs out there to choose from in the market without spending a dime. They come in two versions: Software based and Hardware based. It is advisable to use third party firewalls to avoid any potential conflicts. Software based firewalls reside in the system , run in the background and is active throughout to check for any potential threats. On the other hand, hardware based firewalls reside outside the system(in the router) etc.

Let’s take a look at these free firewall apps available for Windows 10.

ZoneAlarm Free firewall
The ZoneAlarm Free firewall security suite is an amalgam of a firewall, anti-virus software and identity protection shield. It is easy-to-use in an impressive way. A two-way firewall which makes the PC invisible for the malicious hackers at the same time preventing spyware to send any form of communication that may have leaked from the OS. Another important feature is that it continuously monitors all programs on the PC for suspicious behavior and alerts you when trying to prevent a new attack.
As an option, it includes a toolbar with a built-in site checker, Facebook privacy scanner, private browsing settings and much more. It also monitor credit accounts and warns you of anomalies. For a free package this service is hard to beat.

Comodo firewall
This lightweight software is a popular free firewall software that comes with simple and easy to use interface for Windows but meant for users seeking a full featured security suite. Like any other firewall, this shields your PC from spy eyes and prevents malwares from being installed on your PC.
It has a free version and a PRO version. Comodo Internet Security Pro Offers live remote tech support. It Alerts user if any suspicious activity is found.


This software is compatible for windows varying from versions vista to 10. The installation is similar to any other software but it runs in the background and sits quietly in the systems tray. When you right click on the icon , you see a list of features of the program. The main menu is called the whitelist. When you want to authorize any program that its not a malware. You need to manually add it to the whitelist of the firewall to be able to run it.

Windows Firewall

The only drawback with this is that the interface is not friendly enough. It offers unexpected features. It offers us advanced firewall configuration interface where you can create advanced firewall rules. You can use a third party plugin or toolbar to extend the security but windows firewall itself is trustworthy and reliable.

Ashampoo Firewall

It is compatible only with windows XP and higher versions. It does save your PC from the web based attacks and resists termination. It also includes several bonus tools.

These are all free so you can try them all before deciding on your favorite one.