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Best Video Calling Apps for Windows 10

Video Chat Apps: Best Apps for Video calling on Windows 10, The way people connect now is completely different from what it used to be. From Audio conversations , text messages to face to face conversations the evolution has been at a rapid rate and so is the developing technology competitive. Not only does it reduce the expenses incurred for business travel but also makes work easier with remote access.  The list of best Video calling apps for windows 10 are:


It is the most popular way to make voice and video calls by Microsoft because of the quality. It’s a free software which is available for all operating systems including mobile phones. Skype comes with a tight integration into the communication suite in Windows 10 devices so we can skip the hassle of setup.

Facebook Video Calling
Because of the mass usage of Facebook on a regular basis the video calling option in it becomes viable choice for the users other than having a different App installed for video calling alone. (Note that Facebook’s Video calling feature is supported by skype.)When we initiate a call from Facebook it opens up in a different window and the call continues even if we close our browser window which has Facebook.

The latest update from Google hangouts is that we can invite people even if they don’t have a google account. This update makes it easier to use the service. It also revamped the entire look and gave us many shortcuts to use Hangouts. The Video is not of galactic quality but its adequate to make decent calls. It supports individual and group calls all for free. We can also watch YouTube videos with the chat partners.

This is also a free video calling App for windows users and the best part is that they are outside of the carrier’s voice plan.

The best feature of this app is the group calling feature it has with a very good quality. It can accommodate up to 12 members in one conversation. The only downside of this is the screen quality compared to other apps.

This started off as an instant message Voip App later on went to offer free video calls in its version 4.0 update.