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Best Video Editing Software For Windows 10 2016

Are you a Windows 10 user? Are you interested in video editing? Well, there are many video editing software available online for you. These software providers provide you with the information of all the features and unique tools, you can make a comparison between many before downloading. Here is a list of the top video editing software for you to download. Now, get started with any one of the following and make your favourite movie.

Best Video Editing Apps For Windows 10

Top Video Editing Apps for Windows 10

1. iSkysoft Video Editor

iSkysoft Video Editor is a simple video editing software with which you can transform video clips into beautiful movies. The software includes editing options such as crop, merge, rotate, split etc. Advanced editing such as green screen, watermark, colour correction, PIP effect, face off etc makes iSkysoft Video Editor an exceptional experience. It supports almost all the popular video formats listed as AVI, MP4, MPG, WMV, MKV, MTS, TS, etc. You may check the following link to download iSkysoft Video Editor. Both paid subscription and trial version are available.

´╗┐2. Filmora´╗┐

Filmora has now introduced a new version that is supported by windows 10. this video editing software promises a wonderful editing experience that is enjoyable for amateurs as well. The features include basic editing tools such as cropping, merging, splitting, trimming, special effects: face-off, mosaic, green screen, picture-in-picture, filters, and overlays and all kinds of titles, transitions, and motion effects. The upgraded Text/Title Editor, Frame by Frane Scrolling, Optional Dark Interface and 4K compatibility adds to the uniqueness of Filmora. You may download Filmora by clicking the above link.

3. Windows Movie Maker

Windows movie maker is now available for windows 10 too. As a movie making being so user friendly and basic, this helps you do the basic editing purpose. This version is available free for windows users though all features are not available in the free version. The editor provides services such as slide shows, themes, audio mixing, online sharing etc. Windows movie maker is available free.

4. Pinnacle VideoSpin

Video spin is an easy video editing software, the best suit for the beginners. Though it cannot be compared with any professional video editing software, it offers all the basic editing tools as well as a friendly user experience. A nicely designed interface, handy tools and easy-to-use title designs make the editing a nice experience. Although not advanced as other editors, it is a nice platform you can start with.

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