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Best VPN Apps For Windows 10 2016

Best VPN Apps For Windows 10 2016

Best Windows 10 VPN: Free and Secure VPN services for Windows 10: Its of prime importance to any of us to secure our data when we are connected to internet, be it home, workplace or any public network. Since our Windows OS is synced with our Emails, photos, calendar, documents etc. Whenever we use a public WiFi hotspot, the transmitted data is in danger of getting snipped away by the hackers. VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides an additional layer of security which allows people to access their data remotely without any fear. More and more people are using VPN to save their data from hackers, they are preferring that their data passes through the channels in an encryption. It is no more a question if one should use VPN or not, but the question is which VPN to use.With the release of Windows 10, the experts have mentioned about the multiple possible threats. Primary threat being the Windows 10 data collection settings and the potential DNS leaks for the VPN users. While most of the issues have been taken care, it is highly recommended to use an additional security measure like VPN for the OS. Many security issues are being exposed on day to day basis.

Best VPN Apps For Windows 10 2016

The latest update for windows 10 arose few serious concerns for data transmission. Users are outraged at the fact that the default browser settings of Windows allows it to collect the browsing data and much more. We can anyhow change the settings but it is always better to ensure the safety with a best VPN Program. With VPN all the data that Windows collected would be encrypted and will be tough to decode it.

There are myriad of VPNs available for your system to keep it away from spy. Here is the list of VPNs we think works best for Windows 10:

1. Express VPN

This is the most popular VPN available and their major client base is because of the amazing customer service they offer. They have 24/7 customer service to help you navigate any potential issues. They are the best in the business, its specifically made for windows users and is slightly higher priced than some of their competitors. They are exempted from any rules of US data retention as their head quarters resides in British Virgin Islands. They have all the policies in place such as zero log policy to protect their customers going further. Their network is safeguarded with 256-bit SSL encryption which is a top line security that you are offered with.

They have 30-day money back option which allows you to try it out before committing to the network. Check other specifications of VPN here at the site.

2. IPVanish VPN

It provides an amazing VPN tunneling service that gives importance to the users to offer them with unblocked internet usage. It provides you with an all access path which beaks the geographical restrictions for you and gives you access to the web irrespective of where you really are. They have total of 170 servers. The only drawback with IPVanish is that it only allows you to connect to two devices at a time, although open VPN and PPTP protocols are available with the plans.

You can switch between servers as you like because it offers unlimited bandwidth. If you are facing any kind of connection issues with Windows 10 this will prove to be an invaluable tool. You can also coordinate with torrents as the service supports p2p protocols. It does not keep any record of the traffic, again a plus point over its competitors.

3. Nord VPN

This is a solid VPN service that is particular about not making things too complicated for use. For someone who is seeking a simple everyday use VPN which is hassle free, then Nord VPN ought to be the choice. It offers enough customization to keep the customers happy with the product. Their privacy for internet settings will overwhelm you. They have extensive list of servers, which includes both secure VPN servers and really fast servers. This choice is incredible as the situation may sometime demand us to compromise performance for security. There are also many advanced features but we may not need them if we do not have the requirement for it. Although, its always a good thing that we can access it whenever we want to.

4. Hide My Ass

This particular service comes with a multiple device subscription, so it can be used on any platform with the same level of security. The drawback with this program is the customer service and you can only connect two devices at a time. The impressive part of Hide my Ass is its global coverage spanning 300 locations with 855 VPN servers that can be chosen based on the address we would want to show. The network is being upgraded remarkably to get rid of the geographical restrictions. It supports various protocols like PP2P, L2TP & OpenVPN. HMA is a service that’s based in UK, they are likely to keep partial logs. So, if that is OK with you then HMA would be good choice to use. They do not have any bandwidth restriction.

5. Private Internet Access

The are probably one of the oldest players in the market but they sure do know how to offer an advanced high quality product to the customers. It offers P2P and VoIP Support and can be accessible to up to 5 devices simultaneously. It is accompanied by a wide and effective band of servers with impressive features. It provides more than 3463 servers that are spread over 17 countries.