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Best Windows 10 Disk Space Analyzers of 2016

Best Windows 10 Disk Space Analyzers of 2016

Analyze disk space on your Windows 10 with these best Windows 10 disk space analyzers of 2016. Bought yourself a new hard disk last month? It has just been a month but the disk starts to fill up and you are out of drive space! You can’t find what you need and you really want to know what is taking all that space. Now, figure out which files are hogging the disk space by using a disk space analyzer. There is a pretty good number of free utilities that could help you with the problem by allowing you to scan the disk and give a clear picture. The job of disk space analyzer is to scan the disk and provide the user with graphical representation on where space is being wasted and thus where to start cleaning. Simple as that!

Best Windows 10 Disk Space Analyzers of 2016

Now, let’s have a look at the best disk analyzers for Windows 10. Get it installed in your system and save your files!


WinDirStat for Windows 10 is the most popular choice when it comes to disk space analyzers. WinDirStat’s greatest strength is not just the point that it’s free but also, it provides the users with multiple prospects at one time. It comes with a traditional file tree and file extension view which is easy to use. It provides us a colour coded graph of data on our disk and extra information on a particular data with just a click. The multiple views it offers is the main attraction; you can view your entire disk by order of file/folder size to detect the largest space hogs, also view your space consumption by file extension, to know what file type takes up the most space.

Get the smart WinDirStat on your Windows 10 PC and handle your HDD now with more ease. This link can help you with downloading it.


SpaceSniffer is portable and free disk space analyzer for Windows 10. The graphical view it provides is pretty good, making this one of the favourites of users worldwide. You get a look of how space is distributed in the hard drive in a much more attractive way, with SpaceSniffer. It is as efficient as WinDirStat but does not come with a file tree. The Treemap visualization layout it uses helps us to instantly visualize where large folders and files are piled on your devices. One of the best and most interesting things about SpaceSniffer is – it needs no installation! It gets done with the scanning in very less time. SpaceSniffer is a really original disk space analyzer which displays space allocation in squares and updates data in real time.

Do not wait to have it on your PC too. Download SpaceSniffer.


FolderSizes is an interactive software tool for Windows 10 to help you manage disk space. It is a very efficient disk space analyzer for Windows, which enables you to distinguish the size of folders and sub-folders on your storage devices. It gives a report that shows the total size of each folder, the overall percentage of disk space used and the number of files in each folder. It promotes big file and folder names and Unicode characters. GetFolderSize has the ability to display sizes in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes or gigabytes, either as rounded values as decimals. It is also available in portable versions.