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Boot Camp for Windows 10

Boot Camp for Windows 10

Boot Camp for Windows 10 is a software, which allows users to install the Microsoft Windows operating System on Intel based Macintosh computers. Once you installed Boot Camp, the system can be restarted using either Mac OS X or Windows XP.

Boot Camp software is available for Windows 10. Before downloading and installing this application, please make sure that you have all necessary required components. First thing you need is an Intel based Mac and Microsoft Windows installation media. You also need apple keyboard, mouse or USB keyboard or mouse. You should keep 55 GB of free disk space on your startup drive.

Downloading and Installing Boot Camp

Boot Camp Assistant will help or guide you for installation process. You should always check system requirements. Then get a windows Disk image. Open Boot Camp Assistant. It will guide you for installing Windows on Mac. Follow all instructions carefully. After completing instruction of Boot camp Assistant, Mac restarts Windows installer. Complete Windows Installation. Last step is to restart your computer.

Boot Camp for Windows 10

Features of Boot Camp

  • Boot Camp application is the best way of running Windows on MAC.
  • Boot Camp Assistant helps you to change set up of hard drive. Your hard drive is divided into two partitions; one is existing Mac Volume and new Windows compatible volume.
  • Boot Camp provides all basic drivers like Audio, Video, Bluetooth, Airport, Ethernet, Keyboard and Mouse.
  • You can use all Windows shortcut on Apple keyboard. You can also use Apple function keys in windows. This is most amazing feature of Boot Camp.
  • Using Boot Camp application, you can re size the Windows Partition. You can change it as per requirement.
  • Holding down the option key at start up you can open boot manager, which allows you to choose which operating system to start up.
  • Boot camp control panel will help you to configure your Mac in Windows.