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Citrix Receiver for Windows 10

Citrix Receiver for Windows 10

Citrix Receiver for Windows 10 is a popular way to access your enterprise files, desktops and applications from your computer system no matter where you are. It offers support for mainly all the devices including Linux and Mac desktops, iOS, tablets, Android and smartphones. It offers support for virtualized and centralized infrastructure that helps in maintaining control over the user experience with scalability and security that assure support for data, applications and desktops.

Citrix Receiver for Windows 10

Citrix Receiver Not Working on Windows 10?

IF Citrix Receiver is not working on Windows 10 then, run the application in compatibility mode by right clicking on the Citrix launcher and select a older version of Windows.

Now let us explore some of the features of Citrix Receiver for Windows:

  1. The Citrix Receiver works on the widest range of desktops, smartphones, tablets, laptop that assure protection of device investment. The users are able to select the devices that suit their style of work.
  2. It examines the inherent abilities of every device to ensure intuitive and optimal user experience.
  3. You can extract Citrix Receiver from most of the popular app stores and can be installed by the users easily.
  4. It provides you with an easy and secure access to enterprise applications, Saas apps, web and virtual desktops and it offers account configuration m=by making use of your email address, provisioning file or a server.

The Citrix Receiver enables the user to gain access to his applications, desktops and enterprise files from anywhere. This will help you to do productive activities without actually being present in the office premises. If your company makes use of Citrix then you have the advantage to work from anywhere you are using your devices. So, download and install Citrix Receiver today and get started with it.