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CM Browser (Clean Master) for Windows 10

CM Browser for Windows 10

Download and install Clean Master or CM Browser app on Windows 10 Desktop, Laptop and Windows Phone 10: If safety of your device and privacy are your priorities while using a web browser to surf the world wide web , we have just the right browser to you. Let us introduce you to CM Browser for Windows 10, or the Clean Master browser, one of the out secure mobile browsers out there. This web browser, which is available for a free download is a must have for all of you out there who are concerned about their mobile phone’s safety.

CM Browser (Clean Master) for Windows 10

The main features of this browser is its ability to warn you when you are heading for a malicious or harmful Web page. A pop up will appear warning you about the webpage that you are heading to and it will also suggest you to stay away from the page unless you are completely sure if the webpage. Not only that it also scans the downloaded files and specially scans the apk files that you download to check them for any malicious virus that could harm your device. If the scans reveals some harmful element, the file is immediately terminated. The device is not only secure but also fast, thanks to the preload mechanism that this browser uses which makes the browsing even faster. Along with the high browsing speeds that the app offers, it also makes sure that web surfing does not take a toll on your device’s RAM. The browser is quite light and does not require much processing speeds to work.

Install CM Browser on Windows 10

1. Download Bluestacks Emulator for Windows 10

2. Install Bluestacks on your PC and connect your Play Store Account, Now search for CM Browser or Clean master Browser and download the app for Windows 10 PC.

Also, a mere 1.69 MB size of the browser makes sure it doesn’t occupy much space on the device’s storage memory and at the same time does not compromise on any of the features. This fast, compact and secure web browser is a must have according to our opinion if you surf the web frequently.