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CopyTrans Drivers Installer For Windows 10

Install Windows 10 Drivers by downloading and installing CopyTrans Drivers Installer for Windows 10 PC: Are you someone with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? Do you feel restricted by limited sharing options of Apple? Then we have the perfect solution for you. Install CopyTrans Drivers Installer which is a first step to unleashing your Apple’s chained ability. With this application, you can share/ transfer music, videos, playlists etc. to your PC and iTunes. It also allows you enjoy third party downloads for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to your Windows 10 PC.

CopyTrans Drivers Installer For Windows 10

CopyTrans Drivers Installer For Windows 10

If you want your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to communicate with your PC, then you will need to install drivers like iTunes in your system for the transfer. But some people do not prefer to install iTunes on their PC. Still using Copy Trans Drivers Installer solves the issue. This installer automatically installs the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad drivers without installing iTunes on your system. As CopyTrans already has data information of which all songs you have in your iTunes library, it transfers only those missing music files, videos and playlists. If you have updated any metadata like ratings on your iPhone or iPod, then Copy Trans will help you copy all ID3-Tags too.

How to download Copy Trans Drivers Installer?

1. First, you have to download the free app CopyTrans Drivers Installer from ZIP. If you have already installed iTunes in your system, performing this action will send you an error message.

2. Then run CopyTrans Drivers Installer on your PC.

3. Go through the disclaimer carefully and then click on “accept” button.

4. Make sure you are online since CopyTrans Drivers Installer requires internet connection to download the drivers. Let the program through firewall.

5. Then click on “Automatic install” and begin the installing process.

Go ahead and enjoy this free app with an easy user-friendly interface. If you are looking for a free sharing app, this is a great alternative software for every Apple gadgets.