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Cortana for Windows 10 PC and Laptop

If Apple's Siri is for iPhone and iPad, then Microsoft's Cortana is for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. Cortana for Windows 10 is a digital assistant and a smart AI, In the form of silicon secretary specifically designed to make life of humans easier. With the help of Cortana, people are not required to search out for things on their own, this app will make the tasks simpler for you and will give answers to your questions. According to Microsoft, Cortana is considered as socially intelligent application and will be able to help you with problems which were earlier left unattended.

Download Cortana for Windows 10

Cortana was previous made available for Windows mobiles with the latest Windows phone 8.1 and Microsoft is going to launch Cortana for PC by integrating it in the upcoming Windows 10 operating system, Cortana will be supporting the spartan browser that comes integrated with the Windows 10 OS.

Cortana lets you find details about the music you're listening and you can even ask her to play a song through voice commands. Cortana can help you in your daily activities.

Calling and Texting: Make calls and use the in-call functions like Speaker mode, Hold function and sending messages.

Calender and Remainders: Check dates and set various remainders to stay organised

Alarm and Notes: Set alarms and take important notes

Music, Maps and Weather: Play music, find places and get directions, check the weather.

Cortana App For Windows 10 Features

  1. The application can be activated against voice or text messages.
  2. It gets activated as soon as the triggered phase is spoken or typed, and then you can see the app following your instructions and giving answers to your queries.
  3. The search function on your phone is now replaced with a live tile.
  4. It learns about an individual and stores relevant information in the notebook, which is accessed at the time of need.
    The intelligence of the app is quite appreciable, as it understands moment of silence and takes up the silent mode in such situations.
  5. It recognizes music recognition service.

Cortana is able to function along with Bing, and “concert watch” feature within the app helps to determine name of bands and musicians which is user’s favorite. This is done by closely monitoring the search conducted on Bing.
It integrates with Foursquare and provides relevant information about the nearby restaurants and other attractions.

With so much of utility, it is undoubtedly the most demanded application these days and users of Window 10 powered PC and Mobile can conveniently make use of it to make most out of it.