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Download Defraggler For Windows 10

Defraggler for Windows 10


Defraggler is a tool that defrags hard drives of your system. Defraggler will assist you to speed up your system. Defraggler will defragment files or groups of files on your hard drive. It creates consolidate free space and defrag drives.  If your System or PC is working slowing, and it is not working as smooth as it used to then Defraggler is the best tool to improve performance of your system. Defraggler is developed and designed by Piriform.


Defraggler for Windows 10


Defraggler supports Windows 10. You can easily download and install Defraggler application on your system. It is available in multiple languages. Defraggler takes very less space on your hard disks. It is very easy to use. 


Features of Defraggler


  • Defraggler will clean up hard drive by defragging.
  • Defraggler is safe and quick method to speed up your computer system.
  • It will rearrange data into one place for easy access. This way you can open files faster.
  • Defraggler will allow you to Analyze and Defrag hard drives.
  • You can defrag drives, files or folders. Defrag according to your need and demand.
  • Defragging process keeps your files, data safe and secure. It will never harm any information of your system.
  • Defraggler will show you disk layout.
  • Windows Task Schedulerwill help you to set schedule for future defragging.
  • When you select drive for defragging, it will show you interactive drive map. So you will come to know available space on your disc.
  • You can defrag your system when you sleep and morning you can start your work quickly.
  • You can set Defraggler setting to run it daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Defraggler also organize and manage empty disk space to prevent fragmentation.


Defraggler is an excellent tool/utility. It is available with many powerful features. It can easily organize and defrag files on your drives.  Defraggler will show you all fragmented files. You can plan defragging process according to convenient method and time. Defraggler is free and safe to download.