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Download Blackberry Desktop Manager 7 for Windows 10

Sync and manage your Blackberry apps on your Windows 10 computer by downloading the Blackberry Desktop Manager 7 software. This application manager enables you to sync your Blackberry data on phone with computer and whole task is carried out effectively and effortlessly. With this manager application can be used well for back up and restoring data and also helps in sharing files and contents, and all of this can be carried out without any kind of hassle.

Download Blackberry Desktop Manager 7 for Windows 10

Features Of The Blackberry Desktop Manager

1. This manager helps in installing and managing the apps well.

2. It has been designed looking after the convenience of the users, and hence can be used by any and every kind of user.

3. The contacts and messages on phone can be synchronized well between device and PC.

4. The manager has a media section within it and it provides functions like copying photos, video, audio and other stuff.

5. Backup and restore of data can be done easily, thus giving a sense of security and protection to the users.

6. The emails on your device can also be managed well and it includes managing incoming message, applying filters and also constitutes of changing the signatures, which are forming part of the outgoing email.

Considering the features available with Blackberry desktop manager, it should be downloaded by every Blackberry user. However application may use over 100 MB of space but its use and features makes it worth downloading it. So what are you waiting for, follow some simple steps and download this desktop manager for managing your Blackberry phone contacts, images and other data stored on it.