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Download Calibre for Windows 10

Calibre for Windows 10: Calibre is open source e-book software application. Calibre will assist you to manage your favorite e-book collections. You can add books as per your likes, and read it. Download Calibre for Windows 10 to access support to various file formats. It is the best option for book lovers, who like to read e-books and want to keep it in their collections. It will keep all books data very well organized. Calibre is like a library for e-books

How to Download Calibre for Windows 10


You can download Calibre for Windows 10. Calibre fully supports Windows operating system. Just go to the Calibre website and download it. You can download it easily. This Application Interface design is really easy to understand. In the middle space you can see names of the books. Right side you can see the details of the books. You can see many options on main toolbar, which allows you to enjoy all benefits of Calibre’s features. Calibre is very easy to use.

Features of Calibre for Windows 10

  • Calibre will help you to manage and organized books data very well.
  • Easily you can sort out and group e-books data.   
  • You can search for your favorite book by Book Name or Author Name.
  • Go to Fetch News Menu and access the latest news from Newspaper. Calibre supports news website, so you can upload news and read it.
  • You can import e-books into Calibre library.
  • Edit Metadata option will allow you to do editing or changes in one click.  
  • Calibre is user friendly application.
  • Calibre will give you permission to convert e-books to different file format.
  • Calibre also supports conversion function, using this you can change file formats.

Enjoy your e-book reading habit with Calibre software. It is most convenient option for e-books reader. It is also known as e-book library. Everything is properly organized and labeled on website tools. Many e-readers are following Calibre application and they like it very much.

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