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Download Connectify for Windows 10

Download Connectify for Windows 10

Best Windows 10 Hotspot: Download Connectify for Windows 10 for the best hotspot tool. Connectify is an application, which changes your PC into real WiFi. You can share computer’s network with anybody or mobile, PC, and laptops. Connectify will allow you to obtain any internet connection and it will be in the form of wireless. Connectify will set up virtual router inside your PC or computer.  It will change your Windows PC in Hotspot.   

Features of Connectify for Windows 10

Download Connectify for Windows 10

  • Connectify will easily create a WiFi and get connected to all devices easily.
  • It is most powerful and excellent software.
  • Connectify will turn your PC into WiFi, so you can share internet with any devices. You can upgrade Connectify HotSpot and can share 3G or 4G network.
  • Connectify always shares network in safest and secure way. All shared data is secured with encryption.
  • Connectify will monitor data usage of each device that is connected.
  • You can send files directly to connected devices, without internet connection. Data sharing becomes very easier with the help of Connectify
  • Connectify is very easy to manage and you will have full control on wireless network.
  • Pro and MAX versions of Connectify will provide more flexibility and more options for network sharing.
  • Connectify features very easy installation and configuration process.
  • Simple interface and quality performances making Connectify very popular
  • Suitable for small business or small organization. They can set up internet connectivity easily between multiple computers.   
  • Connectify will make your PC virtual Router. Easily you can establish connection; there is no need of any hardware setup or special setup.

How to Install Connectify on Windows 10

Connectify supports Windows 10. You can download Connectify directly from Connectify website. Reboot your machine after downloading. It is very easy to install. It will take few minutes for downloading and installing.

Connectify will automatically detect device and connect it. Client tab shows the list of currently connected devices.

Just download Connectify and turn your computer into WiFi hotspot and enjoy sharing of internet with secure and safe way.