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Download Directory Opus 11 for Windows 10

Download Directory Opus 11 for windows 10

Directory Opus 11 Windows 10: Directory Opus is one of the finest programs of file manager. It will assist you to handle and organized all files on your computer smartly. We spend our most of time in file management and its arrangements. If you download Directory Opus 11 for Windows 10, it will save your time and show you the best way for files handling.

Features of Directory Opus 11 for Windows 10

Download Directory Opus 11 for windows 10

    • Directory Opus program has single or dual pane file displays.
    • Directory Opus is very simple to understand, it is work like file explorer. No need to go through tutorials, you can easily operate it without any guidance.   
    • Directory Opus shows files and directories in Listers. Each folder view in split Lister has its own navigation toolbar.
    • You can quickly filter, sort, group and search for files and folders.  
    • As per your requirement of work, you can keep many folders open and access them easily.
    • Folder tree will assist users to navigate and remember which branches are expanding.
    • File Display Border is a Toolbar, which can be configured by adding buttons, function on it.
    • In sorting of files, you can ignore files which starts from ‘The’ or ‘An’. So you can ignore the prefixes files and sort out other files.
    • Directory opus 11 gives you full freedom to change appearance of buttons, toolbars or any other options that are available on this application. You can change or modify it for your better understanding.
    • Directory opus 11 also supports for CD or DVD burning.
    • Directory opus 11 supports many archive formats, like FTP, ZIP, RAR.
    • Directory opus 11 has unique replacement option, give users full replacement for Windows Explorer.
    • Directory opus 11 has unique scripting interface, which allow users to create Add Ins for better functionality. Directory opus 11 has simple, user-friendly and well designed interface.

Install Directory opus 11 on Windows 10

Directory opus 11 is fully supports Windows 10. It is very easy to download. Download and Install Directory Opus 11 application and enjoy its benefits and powerful features.

If you are using a computer, you will waste your time in files arrangements like searching for files, files moving, renaming, and uploading. Directory Opus 11 applications will save lots of time, by handling it in easy way.