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Download Dosbox for Windows 10

DOSBox is a MS-DOS emulator for Windows 10 which can stimulate any computer that is running on older version of OS. With the help of this software, MS-DOS programs can run of modern machines and number of operating systems.

This software is available for download for free and it was written primarily in C++. DOSBox can easily run of modern day computers and can emulate the previous version MS-DOS software which could not run on modern day computers including Windows 10 due to incompatibility in software and hardware versions of OS.

Features for DOSBox for Windows 10

Download Dosbox for Windows 10

There are number of features of DOSBox and it can be configured with some simple set of commands run of command line interface. If you are not so good with programming, there is an option to simply edit some plain text configuration file to make required changes. The evolution of DOSBox was done to capture the screenshots and gameplay. Here the videos can be compressed to smaller size. Some of the additional features include VDI (virtual drives), peer to peer networking, image capture, video captures on emulated screen. Although there are some irregularities in DOSBox as some of the applications of old DOS could not be emulated. Such features include parallel port connection like for printers. In-spite of these irregularities, DOSBox is a useful application to emulate old DOS.

Play Dos Games on Windows 10 PC

With the help of DOSBox, one can easily release number of older MS-DOS games to be running on new modern hardware computers. It is available for free download for Windows 10 version and you can also play MS-DOS games on your Windows 10 Browser here.