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Download Edge Browser For Mac

Microsoft Edge web browser for Mac is here, you can read on to know how to run this app directly on your Mac OS and that too for absolutely FREE. Download Edge browser for Mac, the latest browser app from Microsoft that is developed with an aim to replace the conventional IE in all the latest version of Windows that is available for devices – PC, Windows phone and surface. While Mac users can also use this. Macbook users may require this intuitive web browser to access particular websites and this app is most useful for web designers and developers to access a wide range of web browsers. Specifically, used for testing.

Download Edge Browser For Mac

Download Edge Browser For Mac FREE

Follow the below steps to run Microsoft Edge Web browser for Mac

  • Download VirtualBox powered by Oracle if you have not done yet on your Mac
  • Now, go to the Windows official page of VM and press “Mac” tab
  • Go to MSEdge and download .zip file
  • Extract the downloaded file using VirtualBox
  • Open “Applications Settings” in VirtualBox, select the “import” option
  • After done with importing the file, now you will see VM VirtualBox screen
  • Opt “IE 11” available for Windows 10 seen at the left-hand side, click the “start” button
  • Open Microsoft Edge on the Mac

You will now see Mac running a full-fledged version of Microsoft Edge Browser above Windows Virtual machine. That means, your browser app is fully downloaded on your Macbook and is ready to use web.

There are a wide variety of developer tools available which perhaps helps mac users accessing the VirtualMachine to start with.

Other than Virtual Machine’s extraction process, you also have various options to extract Edge browser zip file with other apps.

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