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Download HFS Plus for Windows 10

Download HFS Plus for Windows 10: HFS Plus is the files system, which is developed by Apple Inc.  HFS Plus is an improved version of HFS. HFS Plus Volumes are separated into various sectors. It contains five important files- Catalog file, Allocation file, Attributes file, Extents overflow file, Startup file.

Sharing Data between Mac OS X and Windows 10 turn out to be easy with the help of HFS Plus. Mac OS X and Windows use different file systems. We can’t use Mac drives on Windows. This issue can be solved with help of HFS Plus System.

Download HFS Plus for Windows 10

Download HFS Plus for Windows 10

HFS plus for Windows 10, is the best solution that provides full read, write access to Mac drives. It provides high speed and also promises high performance and stability. HFS Plus is fully compatible with Windows 10. It will help to transfers files at higher rate than HFS file system. It is always stable in transferring big media files between systems.


  • HFS Plus for Windows 10 enables Windows 10 to read and write to Mac drive storage.
  • HFS Plus for Windows 10 always ensures unhampered data exchange between Windows and Mac.
  • It supports journaling, which ensures that in case of failure file systems is always safe and it can be put back on previous track.
  • It can operate smoothly on a wide range PC configuration.
  • HFS + for Windows 10 allows you to browse and access any HFS+ disk via Windows Disk management console.
  • Provides direct access to Mac partitions from Windows.
  • It is very easy to use.

To Install HFS Plus for Windows 10, you need go through installation process -InstallShield Wizard. It is very easy installation process. Reboot your PC, when it gets finished. After installation HFS Plus drive can be accessible in My Computer.