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Download ICQ for windows 10


ICQ is an instant messaging program that allows one to communicate effortlessly. It is an all in one communication software with attractive and latest features to meet the needs of a user.  The essential features such as able to save chat history, facility to send SMS in selected countries, video and voice chats makes ICQ a must have program. One can make calls to ICQ contacts free of cost and connect with them anytime anywhere. It allows sending files, messages, chats, maps to any mobile or pc. Enjoy free video calls, SMS, messages, social media support, file sharing and much more with the latest ICQ for windows 10. The variety of themes and background allows customizing ICQ as per the mood.

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Key Features of ICQ for Windows 10

  • ICQ with its latest features enables user to chat either in a window mode or a tab mode thus, offering more convenience to the user.
  • With video and voice chats connect with your family and friends’ uninterrupted, face to face conversation is now easy and crisper.
  • Include Facebook friends to the ICQ contact list and chat with them when they are online in Facebook instantly with ICQ. Articulate and revise or update the individual status, share links and images with ICQ. Share pictures of oneself and others with the latest Picture Sharing option.
  • Link your email account with ICQ and start receiving email notification as soon as a mail arrives. You can log in to all social media platforms simultaneously with the help of this all in one messaging program.
  • Set birthday reminders, post greeting cards or wish friends happy birthday with free birthday sms and amusing emoticons to add zing in the text messages.

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Download ICQ for Windows 10 by Following the Below Steps

  • Download ICQ for windows 10 from here and get secure and fast download.
  • Choose the type of windows i.e., 32 bit or 64 bit to initiate the downloading process. After clicking on desired windows one will be directed to the download page. Click on the download tab to start downloading executable set up file.
  • Click on the set up file to start the installation process. As soon as one clicks on the set up file a window will be prompted to ask user whether to allow program to run. Click on run tab to allow the program with permission to access operating system and further begin the process.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of ICQ program to start the installation process. After accepting the formalities installation wizard will start the process by installing the set up and program files in the system. It will take several minutes to complete the installation.
  • After completing the installation windows will ask whether to create a quick launch icon for easy access click on the finish tab to complete installation. Now you are ready to explore the best instant messaging program to connect with people worldwide.

ICQ is a reliable and efficient instant messaging program allowing user to connect with people with messages, SMS, video or voice calls free of cost. It varied features makes it a unique and a must have program.