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Download Krita for Windows 10

Krita App for Windows 10 PC: Kirta is painting and sketching application. It is basically developed to create different types of arts like Concept Arts, Texture Painting and drawings. Download Krita for Windows 10 to have access to many wonderful features for painting and drawing. Using these features you can create beautiful drawings and paintings. All artists would love this application, as it has many innovative tools, brushes and ideas for painting.

Download Krita for Windows 10

Download Krita for Windows 10

Kirta is fully supports Windows 10. Free and easy to download. Download it and enjoy all benefits of Kirta.


Features of Krita

  • Kirta is a user friendly application.
  • Dockers and Panels can be rearranged and keep your workspace free for work.  
  • You can create shortcut keys for most frequently used tools.
  • In Brush Stabilizers option, you can create smooth and firm strokes of brushes as per your convenient hold.
  • Pop-up Palette will show you brushes and colors that you can configure and customize at any time.
  • Brush Engine option allows you to customize your brushed with 9 unique brush designs. Main objective of Brush engine option is to fulfilled artist’s need of brush. Once you created your own comfortable brush, you can save it. This unique option will give artist full freedom of drawing and coloring.
  • Resource Manager- You can import brush and texture packs from other artists. If you like your brushes, you can share it with others. Just check out Brush Packs that are available in the Resource.
  • Kirta will help and guide you to learn its application in details with its tutorials and DVD.
  • Kirta has many rich and unique graphics tools.
  • You can create beautiful drawings or paintings with existing images or you can draw it by yourself.


All these amazing features give artist’s full freedom for their imagination. Great application for those who are passionate about arts and drawing.  Past ten years Krita has been in development phase and implementing many changes to improve their application.

Order a step-by-step guide on fully mastering digital painting with Krita here, to building your next masterpiece.