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Download Microsoft Office 2015 for Windows 10

Microsoft Office 2015 from Microsoft is considered as the most popular Windows office suite to get in the market and with so much popularity around it it has come up with best feature any office software can provide and in the latest version "Microsoft Office 2015", The innovations have been made along with the launch of Windows 10, wherein dominant changes has been made within the suite along with some add-on features. Microsoft Office 2015 has a new look when compared to previous versions of MS Office.

Features of MS Office 2015 for Windows 10

Download Microsoft Office 2015 for Windows 10

1. MS office has following features as mentioned below;

2. New graphical interface has been provided to all the products in the suite.

3. Two types of interface have been built up in accordance with versions of desktop and laptop.

4. This version is particularly for windows 7 and 8.

5. New add on have been added on to facilitate dynamic contents within the document.

6. PDF files can be imported with convenience.

7. Personal settings available in the suite can be accessed from anywhere, hence users need not have to change the settings every time they access the suite.

While Microsoft Office is the best office suite for Windows 10 but when it comes to Online probably Google Drive is the best free online Office Suite.

There are many other programs similar to Microsoft office and some of them include


Kingsoft Office



Zoho Docs

Download Free Microsoft Office 2015 For Windows 10

The need for office software is increasing and MS Office 2015 is the perfect choice for editing files, making PowerPoint presentations, managing Excel Sheets, creating Documents and many more office functions.

Along with MS Office 2015 also make sure to use Microsoft Office 365 along with it. Moreover with the help of SkyDrive, the contents can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere. Once the suite is downloaded, it can be used on five different computers with a single license and users welcome this kind of feature with open hands. Hence users can download the latest version of suite and make complete use of it.