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Download Rufus for Windows 10

Download Rufus for Windows 10

Rufus for Windows 10: Rufus assists to format and create bootable USB drives like USB key/pen drive on Windows 10, memory sticks.  Rufus is available in small size. Rufus application will create USB Drives easily and quickly.  

How to use Rufus for Windows 10

You must download Rufus for Windows 10. To open application double click on Rufus downloaded application. Now insert the flash Drive. Rufus will automatically detect the drive if not then you need to select from Device the USB you want to copy. Select Partition Scheme and keep File system, Cluster Size on the default settings. Also enter Label for the drive. Please be sure that Create a bootable disk using is checked and ISO image option select from drop down menu. And last step is to click on “Start” menu. Wait until it shows you finished sign. As soon as you reached to finish tab, close all programs and remove the drive. This is very easy and straightforward way of using Rufus application.

Download Rufus for Windows 10

Features of Rufus

  • Rufus is much faster than other applications.
  • Rufus is very easy to use. Rufus developed under user friendly Interface.
  • Rufus is great application for copying iso files to USB Drive. Rufus will format drives before copying new file. Always select- Create a bootable disk using option. Otherwise,   you could not boot from USB drive. Once you click on start option, Rufus works automatically, no need to do anything. It completes action in few minutes.    
  • You can also select device, partition scheme, and target system type.
  • Formatting options help you check bad blocks.
  • Rufus is very useful application where system does not have OS installed.

All these features are making Rufus unique and most powerful application.  

Download and Install Rufus for Windows 10

Rufus supports Windows 10. Just download it and run it, no need to do any installation. It is very easy to download. Rufus is multilingual application, it supports many languages.