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Download Safari Browser for Windows 10

As Internet Explorer is the default browser on Windows 10, Safari is the default browser for Mac OS X and similar to popular desktop browsers such as Google chrome, Firefox and IE the safari browser is a powerful browser with good features like speed, easy of usage and fast browsing with attractive graphics. Download Safari browser for Windows 10 today, to obtain the attractive features, which many other browsers fail to achieve.

Safari is a useful browser with loads of options and it has certain useful features which are better than those compared to Internet Explorer and Firefox. Safari provides range of features which lets you browse and enjoy range of features while working on it.

With all the features intact in its latest version, Safari undoubtedly proves to be one of the best browsers in the market.

Browsing and Search Feature: with this feature you can easily search the previous results, which you made after clicking on the results.

URL Path Navigation: You can easily navigate in the URL path by simply typing any keyword and the related webpage would be displayed. This allows easy navigation through the internet.

Web Inspector: With the latest version of safari browser (Safari 3.1), you can now inspect the CSS and HTML elements from your Safari browser.

Activity Window: This shows you what types of pages, scripts and activities going around the internet while you are searching along the internet.

Inline Dictionary: Safari allows you to select any keyword on the page and also defines its meaning using inline dictionary.

Selection to Speech: You can highlight any portion of the text and then you can play the audio/listen to that portion of text.

Quick Notes: You can quickly create any sticky note along with browsing on internet.

Email Page Link: You can use a shortcut key to quickly send the link via email.

Safari Vs Chrome Vs Firefox Browser Performance

With a clutter free user interface and minimalistic layout the safari browser run smoothly on your Windows 10 PC and according to Apple Safari has better speed and performance when compared to Chrome and Firefox.

Download Safari Browser for Windows 10

How to Install Safari Browser on Windows 10

Windows 10 users can download the latest Safari browser from Apple's official website and many productive ad-dons are available to install from the Safari extensions gallery and some popular add-on's include Firebug, LastPass and Awesome Screenshot.