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Download Spartan Browser for Windows 10

Download Spartan Browser for Windows 10

Spartan Browser free download: Windows without doubt is the most used operating system when it comes to laptops and personal computers and the large number of users are truly justified. No matter how much we criticize it sometimes, the truth is that Windows is the most easy to use operating system and with the latest edition of Windows.

Windows 10 OS has been released out recently Microsoft is aiming at even more users. They are so dedicated to achieving this aim that that have recently come out with a new browser that is optimized to run with Windows 10 OS. Let us introduce you to project Spartan which is a web browser from Microsoft pitched against Google Chrome, Firefox and the most used Internet browser on Windows, the Internet Explorer.

The Spartan browser aims at providing a united browsing experience for mobile and personal computer users using Windows 10. The new browser comes with many new features which were absent from Microsoft’s mast browser, the Internet Explorer.

The long list if features includes Web page annotation feature, integration of the voice-powered Cortana digital assistant, built-in PDF support, a built-in reading mode, a reading list and many more. However it is still unclear that will Internet Explorer will run alongside project Spartan or Microsoft will scrap IE.

Project Spartan will first be rolled out to Windows 10 Inside users for testing phase after which mobile Windows 10 users will get to download the Spartan Browser App. So, you’ll have to wait for some time before you can actually get to use project Spartan and all of its features.