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Download ThreatFire for Windows 10

Download ThreatFire for Windows 10

ThreatFire Windows 10: ThreatFire application is a security tool for Windows 10. ThreatFire will monitor and protect your PC. It will check strange and suspicious activity of your PC. ThreatFire works with anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall, it works smoothly with them. ThreatFire is not like anti-virus program. ThreatFire works differently. Download ThreatFire for Windows 10 for continuous monitoring of your system, analysis system activities and then find out threats.    

Features of ThreatFire for Windows 10

Download ThreatFire for Windows 10


  • ThreatFire constantly monitor your PC.
  • Patent-pending technology of ThreatFire will find out all types of threats easily.
  • ThreatFire is based on rootkit scanner technology, so it will help to find out deeply hidden threats and protect your PC.
  • ThreatFire works together with anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall. It will give PC double protection.
  • You can also full scan your system on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • ThreatFire has worldwide detection map. It will show world map with spotted location of detected threats. Protect your PC from all those threats.
  • You can also change protection level settings. But it is always advisable to set protection level setting as default.
  • Once ThreatFire detects suspicious activity, ThreatFire analysis process of detection and find out how dangerous is this threat and if it is serious threat, ThreatFire will immediately shows you Red Alert.   
  • ThreatFire assist you to view detailed data process which is running on your system/PC. You can also stop the process, if you do not want to run it on system.
  • ThreatFire will permanently delete threats from your PC.
  • ThreatFire continuously runs on your system, but it will not impact on your system performance.    

How to Install ThreatFire for Windows 10

ThreatFire supports Windows 10. ThreatFire is free to download. You can download ThreatFire easily. No complicated setup involved in ThreatFire application.  

Once you install ThreatFire on your PC, it will start immediately and keep your PC in safe and secure by protecting known and unknown threats. ThreatFire software is very easy to handle. If you have any query or questions regarding ThreatFire software, you will get full technical support.