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Download VirtualBox for Windows 10

VM VirtualBox is a free virtualization software for Windows 10. There are some alternatives to VirtualBox such as Parallels and VMware Workspace ONE. Users can run multiple OS on their Windows 10 computer. Similarly Linux and Mac Os X users can install Windows 10 ISO using this program.

Virtual Box is developed by Oracle and can help any machine to host different operating system such as Mac OS X, Solaris, Linux, Windows Vista, Windows 7,8 and 10. With this desktop virtualization software users can easily customize any x86 machine server or desktop and they may need to install few drivers like video, sound and graphics to run a fully functional OS.

How To Use VM VirtualBox For Windows 10

One of the key attributes of VirtualBox is that it allows number of VM machine on single system. It supports 64 bit machines with snapshot technology. You can save the state of your machine with seamless mode. Users can create number of virtual machines on your desktop. Need more options? Then download the VirtualBox extension pack for Windows 10 and users can also install guest additions on the VirtualBox tool.

Download Virtual Box For Windows 10

There are special drives and utilities, which this software shares. With 2D acceleration mode also enables video decoding acceleration, however there is a limited support for 3D graphics acceleration and Direct X. Also there is command line interface with which you can perform troubleshooting in addition to Graphical user interface.

One can share and save the progress of the machine anytime. You can choose your Hard disk drive, network adapters, RAM and Hard disk capacity while creating any virtual machine using Virtual Box. A new virtual machine could be of any operating system namely Linux, Windows, and Solaris etc. User can create number of virtual machines using Oracle's VM VirtualBox.

Download VM VirtualBox Software for Windows 10

Virtual Box unleashes the potential of virtualization. One can easily create any virtual machine Operating system on your system using this product of Oracle. It has number of drivers and utilities to facilitate the switching between the systems.

Users are experiencing some compatibility while installing Virtualbox on the Windows 10 operating system. So, try downloading the latest version VirtualBox 4.3.18 from the official website and enjoy the installation process.