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Download Window Blinds For Windows 10

Download Window blinds for Windows 10

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Window blinds allows users to skin its graphical user interface of the Windows. It has been developed by ‘Star dock’ in 1998, and it is the most famous component of the ‘flagship software suite’, Object desktop. It is also available separately, as a component called Direct skin. Window Blinds program skins come in two types. They are “Basic” and “Advanced” known as “UIS1+” or “UIS2”. Window Blinds of version 8 introduced some new features which include a brand new interface, good support for Windows 8 OS, and also Skin Studio. A theme designer which lets its users create their own customizations is also introduced.


Features of Windows Blind software for windows 10:

  • Window Blinds allows its users to configure the Windows desktop interface with skins.
  • Skin elements also include the start panel, taskbar, window frames and control buttons.
  • One can personalize any of the default Windows themes and the downloaded skins from WinCustomize.com and you can create your own skins.
  • Optimize the colors, fonts and explorer windows and save your creations for quick access.
  • Its entire new user interface makes easy to customize and the previews allow you to view your adjustments before applying them.
  • You can set Window Blinds to configure a randomized and optimized skin at time intervals and experience yourself with a unique looking desktop every time you login.
  • The skin studio helps to configure your settings and also suggests according to your settings
  • One has to customize only the divisions of the Windows interface they want to configure and Skin Studio will do the remaining work accordingly.
  • It helps to access easily for new users and also suggests best and powerful designing skins for one’s own desktop.
  • All the advanced users can easily configure its advanced settings and most of the aspects of Windows interface.

Download window blinds for windows 10

Step to download windows blind for Windows 10

Window Blinds is a software utility which allows one to completely configure the design and personalization of Microsoft Windows.

  • One can download windows blind for Windows 10 from the official website of ‘Star dock’ software’s.
  • This software also compromises with other OS like windows vista and Windows XP.
  • Click on the ‘Get it now’ option in the given link.
  • A forum window will be opened after that action which takes the basic formalities for the download.
  • Once the download is finished the installation process window gets opened.
  • The installation continuous after accepting the given ‘terms and conditions’ of the software.
  • One can get the premium version of the software after purchasing the software by online.
  • Once the installation is completed, the windows interface configuration is opened.
  • One can edit or customize their own windows interface and change their windows desktop to their desired design.

Windows blind 8 is really works great with Win 10 and everything works seamlessly. Beware with some rumors that said windows blind 8 is not supported by Windows 10. Just get it from here and enjoy all the latest update of windows blind.