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Download Xcode for Windows 10

Design and develop cool iOS apps on your PC if you install Xcode for Windows 10. Xcode by Apple is a IDE which contains some powerful frameworks and a suite of software development tools and it is a productive environment for creating applications for MAC OS X and iOS Devices such as iPad and iPhone. Xcode is useful simulator and compiler software for building applications and apart from C++ and Objective-C developers can use a new programming language called Swift to code apps.

There is also a Xcode alternative for Windows 10 in-case you want to skip the below process of installing Xcode on your Windows 10 Computer. Xamarin 3 provides single platform to develop Android, iOS and Windows phone apps.

Download Xcode on Windows 10

Some of the important features of the latest Xcode 6.1.1 are mentioned below.

Source editor: One can write a code with professional editor which displays any errors, warning and messages. Apart from source editor, it also has version editor and assistant editor.

Interface builder: One can build, design and test the code with user interface. You can write a code, prototype it and graphically test it.

iOS simulator: It helps to simulate the code created. This way one can build, install and test various applications for iOS.

Compiler: Xcode has one of the most powerful LLVM compilers and can be accessed using the terminal.

Debugger: Users can easily debug an application by using graphical debugger.

Creating snapshots: Developers can also create snapshots to avoid in case of any failure; it can recover from the snapshot saved.

Customizing: There are other customization options which could be used when required to enhance the functionality and provide developers with extra options.

System trace: In case of any troubleshooting required, one can also build a system trace.

How to Download and Install Xcode on Windows 10

Xcode is a useful application for building software applications for iOS platform. However, the software is available for download Windows 10 platform as well, the latest version is Xcode 6.1.1 and it comes with some cool new features and live debugging option is one of them. Xcode 6 was released on September 14th, 2014 and you can follow the instructions to get Xcode with Best Windows 10 Apps.

Step 1: Install Mac OS X on Windows 10 using a virtualization program. Some popular options include Virtual Box Hyper‑V and Vmware.

If you are new to using Virtualbox then you can follow this guide to clean the latest install Mac OS X on your Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Step 2: After installing OS X open the Mac App Store and search for Xcode and download the software to your Computer and install it.

Now developers can make iPhone and iPad app using Xcode on their Windows computer.