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Emby For Windows 10

Emby for windows 10

Emby is media server that will assist you to organize collection of your favorite videos, audios and photos and you can access it remotely from multiple devices. It will organize and manage all media content in one place. Emby is an open Source Media Server which allows you to exchange, communicate and transfer media files. It has powerful tools to manage your media contents, users, sharing, and security protocol.


Emby for windows 10

Emby is available for Windows 10. You can download and install it from Emby’s website. It is very easy to download and install Emby server.


Features of Emby –

• Emby server allows you to browse your media collection and can enjoy your favorite movie, music and any video on your Windows 10 device.
• Emby provides easy access to your own media. You can access it from anywhere.
• Emby has striking and beautiful displays. It will give new look to your personal media collections.
• You can handle and manage all media files easily. Emby supports easy web based tools that will assist you to easily edit metadata and images, subtitle search and many more.
• Emby server allows you to easily control content access for your children. You can observe and control their activities as you need to. Parental Controls options will allow you to specify required parental restrictions for your children. Parents can create their own access schedules, time limits, and more.
• Emby provides an easy to use interface and enables you to manage your all collections in an extremely easy way.
• If you don’t have remote control or keyboard or mouse, then it is difficult to manage any application. But Emby has amazing web interface through which you can use any device to control Emby’s tools and options.  
Emby collects your all media content in one place and you can enjoy it at home or outside. You can access your favorite media content anywhere and anytime. Emby is the most convenient way of enhance media collections as per your need. It is one of the best, safe and secure Media browsers. You can access your content on different devices. You can also share favorite content with your family and friends.