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Download ePub Reader for Windows 10

Open and view Epub files by downloading ePub reader for Windows 10, It is a perfect application which can be used to read or go through the eBook without facing any kind of inconvenience. These eBooks can be read in two formats like the standard one i.e. one or two column text while the other one is of unique panoramic view.

Download ePub Reader For Windows 10

Below listed are the features of ePub which makes it such a useful application for users

1. DRM free eBooks can be opened and a library of your own can be created conveniently.

2. The font size, color, height and other things can be customized according to the wish of the reader. Hence it facilitates customization to make it user friendly and also comfortable for users.

3. The eBooks can be read using horizontal mode such that it can be read without any kind of graphics.

4. Supports ePub format which favors its readability and use.

Download ePub Reader For Windows 10

The ePub Reader App allows the user to access their collection of books on windows computers without facing much difficulty. Most importantly the Epub files can be converted into PDF documents thus extending to users.

While you are reading or going through the books available on internet, then the pages appears towards your right while the contents on the book appear to your left.

The page on your eBook can be zoomed in or out to increase the visibility of your reading.

It has hence emerged as one of the most favorable applications for users, which can be used to go through all the reading books especially the ones which are available in ePub format.