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Fresh Paint for Windows 10

Download Windows 10 Fresh Paint App: Fresh Paint for Windows 10 is a painting and drawing application for Windows PC. It has all necessary coloring/painting tools. This application will give real painting experience. It includes all type of colors like watercolors, oil paints and pencils.

Fresh Paint for Windows 10

Fresh Paint for Windows 10

Fresh paint is developed by Microsoft. Fresh paint is Windows 10 application. Create beautiful paintings with Fresh Paint application. Fresh paint is free and very easy to use application.

Features of Fresh Paint

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  • Fresh Paint application will give experience of real canvas and paints. Just use your imagination, ideas and creates wonderful paintings as drawings.  
  • Many options and tools are available for paintings.
  • You can combine two different colors and make new shade.
  • Fresh Paint provides many options for brushes. You can select brushes as per your requirements.
  • You can undo or erase mistakes. So, don’t worry about painting mistakes.
  • Fresh paint application will give you full freedom for imagination to create wonderful paintings. Just open your creative ideas and starts painting.
  • Availability of many colors. This is unique feature of Fresh Paint application that you can select different types of colors. Select watercolors, oil paints, charcoals and pastels. Theses colors will give you real feeling of paintings.
  • Fresh Paint allows you to paint on blank canvases, papers and any background image.
  • You can dry the colors, by clicking on button. This one of the best option of Fresh Paint application. Dry color before applying another color.

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Download Fresh Paint for Windows 10

Fresh Paint application creates great atmosphere for paintings. All artists will love this application, as it gives full freedom for your creation. Kids or new learner will also like it very much, as it has many options that will give them chance to learn it easily. You can also enjoy this application as fun activity. Fresh Paint is fantastic option for paintings and drawings.