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IPSec for Windows 10

IPSec for Windows 10

IPSec is also known as Internet Protocol Security. It is a set of protocols, which ensures secure internet communication by authenticating and encrypting Internet Protocols. IPSec always supports data integrity, data confidentiality, data authentication, and replay protection. It offers data security at the IP packet level. IPSec includes Encapsulating Security, Authentication Header and Internet Key Exchange Payload elements.


Features of IPSec-


• IPSec is the most secure and proficient method available for connecting network sites.
• IPSec was basically designed and developed to provide the many security qualities when transferring packets across networks.
• IPSec performs main function of Authentication. It verifies the packet received is actually from the claimed sender.
• IPSec supports Integrity feature. It always ensures that the contents of the packet did not change in transit.
• IPSec supports Confidentiality: IPSec hides the message content through encryption functionality.
• IPSec uses cryptographic security services to protect communications.
• IPSec protects all application traffic over an IP network.
• IPSec has two modes of operation. One is Transport Mode, which encrypts and authenticates only the data portion or the payload of the IP packet. Another mode is tunnel mode, which encrypts and authenticates the entire IP packet.
• IPSec provides Packet Filtering. It can control and provide restricted communication between systems.
• IPSec provides end to end security between hosts.
• IPSec has Security Association, which creates logical connection between two devices transferring data.
• IPSec supports the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol to facilitate and automate the SA setup and the exchange of keys between parties transferring data. Internet Key Exchange will always ensures that only the sender and receiver of a message can access it.

IPSec for Windows 10 provides secure and safe VPN services. You can easily use this technology to connect remote network. This is best option for business and small organizations. They can connect their systems to each other by creating secure tunnel network between them through the Internet.