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Mobicip For Windows 10

Download and install Mobicip on Windows 10 PC. Haven’t you sometimes thought about an effective app which will be handy in managing the data usage, content and rules of your family’s system or devices. Don’t you feel it would be awesome to have an app that would help you interact with your kids.

mobicip for windows 10

Mobicip is a companion app that aids parents to set age-appropriate rules, obtain notifications because of blocked activity or installations of new apps, receive or reject override requests, and analyze the browsing history. All of this you can conveniently experience on your system for the new Window 10 on your own personal Computers. Its features include:

Online management of Parental control

By setting up Mobicip on mobile devices and computers of family members, you will be able to manage your settings remotely and keep an eye on internet and app usage from any web-oriented Monitor dashboard. Filtering today’s internet requires extra active filter like Mobicip that carries out deep inspection. Lets analyze its features:

Mobile Management of Parental control

This enables you to stay updated about your family’s internet and app usage instantly with the help of Monitor app. By this, you can monitor usage and apps, analyse requests, and respond instantaneously from a personal iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android phone.

App Supervision

With Mobicip you can now examine what apps are being used on any of your devices. Instantly review the rating, price and kind of the app on the App Store. Thus, keeping track of your kids’ apps and usage has become much easier now because this app allows you to review rating, price and different kinds of the app in the App Store

Browsing History Contents

You can now analyze reports of your online browsing history either with the assistance of Monitor app or via regularly emailed reports sent to you or others.

Setting Time Limits

This app makes it possible for you to set time limits for usage of internet for each user account. This works by sending you a notification that appears in the browsing history details, which will notify the attempt of a user to access the internet.

Customized Filter Settings

Custom filter settings enables you comfortable internet experience for your family by 3 methods of custom internet filtering-

  • By allowing or blocking websites/ domains.
  • By customized categories which should be permitted for every user profile.
  • Blacklisting particular keywords or phrases.

Liability mode

This mode will ensure its user unrestricted access to internet by setting user profile to ‘No Filtering. Monitoring Only’ mode. This is enabled by giving enough caution to all usage, by checking if the mobile app or Monitor dashboard is recording and reported it.

Byod support

This strategy enables the administrator to filter system of the school network usage when at school and you can take over it all the other times.

Superior Content Filtering

Mobicip employs a complicated filter algorithm that safeguards your family. The filtering gives constantly evolving supreme protection with the varying internet, by means of a combination of database research, safe search enforcement, and dynamic instantaneous analysis.

Multi Platform

Mobicip for Windows safeguards your PCs which can be done by using a single account that manages and secures all the devices of your family.

Multi-user and multi- device

Mobicip is built to manage multiple users where every user profile have one or more devices linked with it.

Access Requests

A user can disagree and request an override when any content is blocked. You can then just review and permit or reject the request from your user account.