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MPC-HC for Windows 10

MPC-HC for Windows 10

MPC-HC is a media player for Windows 10, which provides all kinds of video and audio files. MPC-HC is stands for Media Player Classic Home Cinema. MPC-HC for Windows 10 tool is lightweight and very easy to use. It is simple but powerful player. MPC-HC looks like Windows Media Player, but it has many wonderful features.

Download MPC-HC for Windows 10

Media Player Classic- Home Cinema is available for Windows 10. Users can easily download and install MPC-HC application. It has very simple process to follow.MPC-HC for Windows 10

Features of MPC-HC-

  • MPC-HC has user-friendly interface. Users can easily understand Menu structure of application and quickly access any menus.
  • Users can create playlists. MPC-HC has superb playlist manager, where you can create playlist of your favorite songs.
  • MPC-HC supports all media file formats. This is one of the best features of MPC-HC application. It supports all types of video, audio file formats. So you can enjoy all entertainment on one application.
  • MPC-HC supports EVR – Enhanced Video Renderer.
  • MPC-HC supports AVI subtitles and Multi-Monitor configuration.
  • MPC-HC supports DXVA and Direct Video Acceleration technology.
  • MPC-HC includes all types of video decoders.
  • MPC-HC supports DVDs, BluRay discs, Audio CDs, and also DVB TV signals.
  • Users can watch all movies on any SSE CPU, even on any old computer.
  • MPC-HC can be customizable as per your need.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is the finest software for audio and video playback. There are many media players are available in the market. It is very difficult to select right one.

MPC-HC is great choice for those, who love music and movies. It provides many useful features and powerful functionality. MPC-HC is free software, which is available with zero spyware and ads. You can create and manage numerous playlists as per your necessity. Media Player Classic Home Cinema is the perfect entertainment package.