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MPlayer for Windows 10

MPlayer for Windows 10

MPlayer is simple, free and open source media player for Windows. MPlayer has many powerful features and supports wide variety of media file formats. It is designed with simple structure, and developed with advanced technology.MPlayer for Windows 10

Download MPlayer for Windows 10

MPlayer application is available for Windows 10. It is available for all major operating systems. It is free to download. Installing MPlayer application is little different than other media players. It has three different installation modes. One is minimal, which includes only the MPlayer UI, second is Complete- which comprises MPUI and SMPlayer and third is Custom- that allows you to manually select the components to be installed.

MPlayer Features:

  • MPlayer is powerful and very fast media player.
  • MPlayer has wide range of supported output drivers. It supports X11, Xv, DGA, OpenGL, SVGAlib, fbdev, AAlib, DirectFB, but you can use GGI, SDL, VESA and some low level card-specific drivers.
  • MPlayer supports software or hardware scaling, so user can enjoy movies in full-screen. It supports displaying through some hardware MPEG decoder boards.
  • MPlayer supports 192 video and 85 audio codecs.
  • MPlayer provides an onscreen display for status information.
  • MPlayer has very simple interface. It is designed with simple structure with easy availability of menus on application window.
  • MPlayer provides the best Keyboard control options. You can control MPlayer just with the keyboard. There are many keyboard shortcuts are available for MPlayer. You can even change the default key-bindings.
  • MPlayer includes Mencoder which is a powerful video conversion program.

MPlayer is an excellent, powerful and intuitive media player that allows you to enjoy all of your favorite movies and songs. It supports many file formats, so don’t have to worry about the file format. You can easily open, play and manages multimedia files. It provides many great functions and features. It is not best in first look, but it covers all necessary functions of Media Player gold.