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.Net Framework 4.5 for Windows 10

.Net Framework 4.5 for Windows 10

.NET framework 4.5 download on Windows 10 PC. .NET is a programming framework, which is developed by Microsoft. .NET Framework 4.5 for Windows 10 provides technologies that are necessary for building and running Network application. It offers controlled programming, where software can be developed and executed on windows based operating system.  

The .NET Framework 4.5 has main components –Common Language Runtime-CLR, Dynamic Language Runtime-DLR, Base Class Library -BCL, Portable Class Library, Parallel Extension and WinRT.

.Net Framework 4.5 for Windows 10

Install .NET framework 4.5 for Windows 10

The .NET Framework fully supports Windows 10. Easy to download and install. Just click on and follow all instructions. Download page is also available in various languages. By default, its available in English language. If you want any other language, then you need to install language pack.

The .NET Framework 4.5 is improved version of .net Framework. It has many improved features.

Features of .NET framework 4.5

  • The .Net Framework 4.5 is based on following components.
  • CLR- Common Language RuntimeThis is main components of .Net framework 4.5. It acts as execution engine.
  • Base Class Library- BCL has classes and interfaces of reusable types.
  • Portable Class Library  
  • MEF- Managed Extensibility Framework
  • Dynamic Language Runtime
  • WinRT – Windows Runtime APIs
  • ASP.Net- It is used to build rich Internet based application.
  • Windows Store Apps
  • Desktop Apps- It is traditional Windows forms application
  • WPF
  • ADO.net
  • Silver Light
  • LINQ
  • Ado.net Entity Framework
  • Parallel Extension
  • WCF
  • Asp.Net WebAPI
  • SingalR
  • WF
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • The .NET Framework 4.5 has feature of Memory Management. It manages memory services for applications.
  • The .NET Framework 4.5 has its own class library.

Importance of .NET framework 4.5 for Windows 10 is very high. Generally .Net Framework is necessary in windows system.

If you are downloading any software and it’s not working on your system, you will get message “Need to installed Microsoft .NET Framework”. In this situation you need to download .NET Framework, which is necessary for software downloading process.