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Download Notepad++ Text Editor for Windows 10

Notepad++ for Windows 10 is a text editor as well as source code editor. Notepad++ supports Microsoft windows operating system. It is completely different from notepad, an inbuilt application in Windows. As in notepad, we just can edit texts. Notepad++ allows you to open multiple files in a single window and you can open large files much faster than normal windows.

Notepad++ firstly launched in 2003. It is powerful and feature packed text editor. It provides you drag and drop facility. You can check spellings in this too. You can zoom and compare data. Notepad++ supports many languages like C, C++, PHP, JAVA, C#, XML and HTML etc. You can also define your own language too. You can add python parson for function List.

Download and Install Notepad++ Text Editor For Windows 10

Download Notepad++ Text Editor for Windows 10

Basically, Notepad++ is written in C++. Notepad++ won best developer tool award for two times. It supports macros and plug-in. There are 27 different plugins for Notepad++. In this you can easily find something and replace with another thing. Notepad++ reduces overall power consumption as it uses efficient binaries. Notepad++ is far better than Windows Notepad because of its simple working and high quality tools. People like to use it.

After knowing all details regarding Notepad++, we can conclude that we can use Notepad++ as a best source code editor. It is available on Microsoft official site. Due to the feature of supporting more than 15 languages, you will love to use it often as now you do not have to switch to any other program for editing your code again and again.