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OpenVPN for Windows 10

OpenVPN for Windows 10

OpenVPN is an application, which executes virtual private network (VPN) techniques for creating secure point-to-point connections. It is one of the best VPN software solutions. It allows you to connect device within secure network.  OpenVPN is basically open source software. Everyone can use it freely and change it as required.  To start OpenVPN, you first need OpenVPN server. 

OpenVPN for Windows 10

OpenVPN is compatible with Windows 10. You can easily download and install OpenVPN application from its official website.

First you need to download OpenVPN for Windows 10. Then you need to setup OpenVPN for Windows 10. Open OpenVPN setup file and follow step by step instructions. Then you need to select all components option from choose components Window. Click on Install tab and start installation of OpenVPN. Once you reached to the Finish tab, assume that you have finished the installation process.

Download the OpenVPN Configuration file for Windows 10. Unzip configuration file and copy it. You should have OpenVPN GUI on your system. Right click on OpenVPN GUI and go to properties option, then go to Compatibility tab, tick mark on ‘Run this program as administrator’ and click on ok button.

Now go to the OpenVPN Icon and connect it. You have successfully installed the OpenVPN connection, once you get connected which you can start to use the application.

Features of OpenVPN

  • OpenVPN supports site to site VPNs
  • OpenVPN supports all operating system like Windows operating systems, Mac OS X, Solaris, Android, iOS- iPhone, iPad.
  • OpenVPN creates TCP and UDP tunnel and encrypts the data inside the tunnel.
  • OpenVPN allows you to connect remote network via bridging or routing.
  • OpenVPN creates secure communication between device and remote host.
  • OpenVPN is flexible, reliable and secure network for your convenience.
  • OpenVPN uses encryption, verification, and certification features to protect private network traffic.
  • OpenVPN implements OSI secure network.
  • OpenVPN is full featured SSL VPN solution. It includes remote access, WiFi security and point to point connections.