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Opera Mini for Windows 10 Desktop and Windows Phone 10

Opera Mini for Windows 10

Download free Opera Mini for Windows 10 Opera mini is a web browser which is used for smart phones. It is now made available for Windows systems and Mac computers. There is a good speed when operating with opera mini for which they use a unique technology. The browser is very small to make it this fast.

Opera Mini browser for Windows 10 is much faster and it is a light weight browser hence the installation time is much less than the other web browsers. Opera Mini for Windows works great on even congested connections. So if the user is using a bad internet connection also, the browser will be able to load much faster when comparing the other browsers. It has a simple and sweet user interface.

Opera Mini for Windows 10

Download Opera Mini for Windows Phone 10

The URL space is very clear and the drop down in the URL space is made too user friendly. The history tabs and bookmarks are very simple. The data is transmitted to opera server from which it is compressed and sent. Though the process looks like taking a long time, it will actually not. When the compressed data is transmitted, it saves a lot of time.


Download Opera mini Web Browser for Windows 10

Opera mini cannot be installed directly in the windows systems or mac computers. It can be done by the use of an emulator. Emulators like Bluestacks help installing android apps like opera mini in windows systems. Though, it is an indirect way to install Opera Mini for Windows, It is good that android apps are made available for windows users.

Install Opera Mini on Windows 10 Using Bluestacks

1. Download the Bluestacks app player for Windows 10

2. After the Bluestacks software installation is done, open the App player and search for Opera Mini and download the Browser app on your Windows 10 PC.

3. If the Opera Mini app isn’t available in the Bluestacks app catalog then you can download the Opera mini.apk file and open it using Bluestacks to install the Opera mini browser on Windows 10.

4. Similar to Bluestacks different android emulators are available that allow users to install mobile based apps and games on Windows 10.